At Firstlight Midwifery Care we strive to give you the best outcome possible. Our number one goal is always a healthy mom and a healthy baby. 

Here are some of our statistics from 2020-Current:

  • 4.7% transfer rate
  • 3% c-section rate
  • 0 episiotomies
  • 100% safe moms and babies

Dawn Wadleigh, LM, CPM began Firstlight Midwifery Care in January of 2003 with the vision of a professional yet warm and inviting place where pregnant women from all walks of life could find the kind of care they were looking for. ​​

After supporting families welcoming babies in various capacities over the years, Emily Coates made the decision in 2017 to go back to school to be a midwife. She completed her BSM at Midwives College of Utah, while simultaneously completing her clinical training at Firstlight Midwifery. In 2021, Emily joined the practice of Firstlight Midwifery as a licensed midwife (LM/CPM)

Philosophy of Care 
We believe that every woman deserves to be treated with respect and compassion throughout their childbearing year. We are confident that you will come away from your birth experience feeling loved and supported. We work hard to make sure that we are reliable, available, and ready to take care of you.