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2016 Family Picnic 

Elbon Family - I'd like to thank my midwives for helping me have one of the best experiences of my life in 2016, the home birth of our little Forrest. They totally redefined my expectations of medical care, putting the emphasis on care. It was the first time I've ever sat with a care provider and truly felt like I could ask any question, raise any concern, or make any choice without fear of judgment or rebuke. They had no hidden agenda. It was comforting and empowering. I went to my first interview with them unsure about whether home birth was for me, unsure if it was truly safe, and left certain that safety was 100% priority. The objective of home birth midwives is not home birth, it's safe birth. But, oh, how wonderful home birth is! I'm grateful that when I think of my baby boy's birthday I can recall lying in my cozy bed, smiling through contractions, listening to birdsong coming from the window, the glow of dawn, the candle flame dancing as we prayed over our fresh new baby, the birthday cake (decorated by his big brother) that we had a few hours later. That warm, intimate, empowering day that we became a family of four is a memory I will be thankful for all my life. - Elbon Family

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